Cats may enter the vaccination schedule at any time. Our Doctors will help determine the most appropriate vaccines to administer and set up your pet’s booster schedule.
Feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency testing is advised prior to starting vaccine series.

Wellness Exam Topics: Litter Box Education
Feline Distemper Combo #1 Nail Care/Grooming
Deworming #1 Nutrition
Intestinal Parasite Screening
Wellness Exam Topics: Grooming
Feline Distemper Combo #2 Socialization
Deworming #2 Pet Insurance
Feline Leukemia #1 Behavior/Scratching
FIV/FeLV Test Rabies (1 year)
Wellness Exam Topics: Lifestyle Preventatives
Feline Leukemia #2 Nutrition
Intestinal Parasite Screening Dental Care
4 to 6 Month Visit
Spay or Neuter Topics: Microchip ID
JR Wellness
Microchip: $45.00 – Permanent ID recommended for all pets (Includes Registration),
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Intestinal Parasite Check: $20.00 – Test for intestinal parasites is advised annually.
Deworming: $5.00-$20.00 (Based on weight) – Kittens receive a minimum of 2 deworming treatments.
FIV/FeLV Test (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Feline Leukemia): $47.00 – Recommended for all new kittens.